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If you have not already heard about the Explore Deeply Retreat, there is still time to sign up! It begins September 20th and runs till September 26th. It will be hosted on a private Instagram account: @888.ExploreDeeply

Ally and the 4 guest teachers will be going live at 5 PM Wednesday, September 2. It will also be a Full Moon!

Each teacher will have the opportunity to discuss DEEPLY what their SPECIAL class is about.

Culture/Astrology >>> The Hero’s Journey
Yoga >>> Anatomy of our Physical Bodies
Tea >>> Creating a Ritual
Relationships >>> Boundaries and Setting Energetic Standards
Destiny >>> Examining our Birth Date through Numerology + Tarot

Please enjoy the video above as we plan and realize that the day we have chosen to go live together is a Full Moon.

Love these synchronicities. Another sign from spirit that we are aligned and in exactly the right place at the right time.

Check out our Teachers on Instagram:

Robin : @robin_leeann
Tasha : @the.libra.tarot
Camille : @thescopescoop
Amanda : @inspiremeamanda
Ally : @allysonshanti

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