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First of all, everything is going to be okay.

Repeat and feel that belief sink into your bones. The world is not ending and we will all be okay.

In tragedy and failure, there is growth & transformation. Have absolute faith that whatever is going on right now is leading to something better. That this time is going to help the world heal, improve, and evolve.

Not saying that this pandemic is awesome, but that we can find something positive from it.

The whole world is feeling what you are feeling.

It may be comforting for you to know that we are all worried about ourselves and our loved ones getting sick. We are all worried about our finances due to work being cancelled. We are all going a little mad because we lost our routines and we are stuck inside for the most part. World-wide, we are experiencing the same emotions: fear, anxiety, boredom . . .

The first thing that we must focus on is what we can control in this situation. We can use this extra time to exercise, make healthy meals, be creative, and catch up with friends and family. We are rich in time.

How anxiety affects us:

When our minds and bodies are filled with fear and anxiety, we lower our immune system, raise our blood pressure, trigger cortisol (stress hormone) levels and this results in trouble sleeping, gaining weight, etc.

How can we expel all this pent up energy?

With movement followed by meditation! If we are stuck inside, we likely will not be feeling limber. Use yoga to not only stretch, but to build muscle and release pent up energy (like anxiety). Recommended dose of yoga is 15-20 minutes minimum, ideally 40 – 60 minutes.

Once you’ve been flowing and your body has been buzzing, you can go into a deep meditation lasting 5 – 15 minutes in corpse pose. This meditation is what is really going to put your body and mind into a relaxed state where you can function normally, feel good, and manage your anxious thoughts.

yoga students lying down in corpse pose final meditation savasana

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