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What is an Eclipse?

An eclipse is an astronomical event where the moon’s shadow crosses the earth’s surface.

Eclipses are seen in the spiritual and astrological world as a period of exponential growth, deep healing and an opportunity to raise our consciousnesses.

Early Bird Tickets

Early bird tickets go on sale 11-15-20 @ midnight. Limited tickets available. $34.99 ($33 via venmo)

How does it work?

We are hosting meditation, journaling, Yin Yoga and other special classes on Instagram LIVE. All content will be available on the account: @888.eclipse. Once you purchase your ticket, your follow request will be accepted.

Are classes recorded?

100% yes. All content from the retreat will be available to you even if you cannot attend the LIVE viewing. And you will even have access to it once the retreat is over, we will warn you before we delete the page.

Private Yoga (Virtual + In Person) is available. LEARN MORE

A one-on-one session is best for those who do not feel comfortable in a group, at a gym, or who prefer to stay at home. Each session includes a guided meditation, essential oils and movement based on your ability. The style of yoga is a well-rounded treatment of spiritual, holistic and clinical. Allyson was trained in Hatha Yoga at an ashram in Rishikesh, India.

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The Eclipse Festival

We are passionate about bringing people together and don’t like the constraints of location to keep us from connecting with each other, so we’ve made our retreats virtual and affordable.


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Welcome To Our CommUNITY

Group + Private Yoga

Yoga is our passion and our specialty. Allyson has taught yoga all over the world, on almost every continent. She was trained to be a certified instructor at a traditional ashram in Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga. Allyson has been teaching yoga since 2012.

Due to the current health risk, we are only offering private yoga at the moment. Contact Allyson directly to book a session.

Spiritual Retreats

Allyson hosts 7-Day virtual retreats on Instagram. Centered around a spiritual theme and then selects up to 5 guest teachers from all around the world to share their knowledge. All retreats are affordable and designed for those who have a family, cannot take time off of work, or other responsibilities. Allyson believes that self-development and self-care should be accessible to everyone.

Each retreat contains. Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, and learning about Spiritual Subjects.

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Sacred Si-Stars : Women’s Moon Circle

Allyson facilitates bi-monthly Zoom calls on the New + Full Moon. These calls include a guided meditation, writing or drawing exercise, Ceremony to honor and tune in with the cycles of nature, and an opportunity to share and/or practice our psychic + intuitive gifts.

This is a safe space for witchy women looking to connect with other like-minded souls.

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