Shanti will be re-opening June 22, 2020

Due to the uncertainty of COVID, this is not definite. Check back here for our monthly schedule.

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After traveling all over the world, our founder realized how important it was to have community. This is a studio where you will connect with your fellow students and your instructors. We are here to support each other and be supported. You are safe. You are loved.


Yoga should be a luxurious service for your body, mind, and soul.

In every class, we provide head massages with essential oils in Savasana, acupressure, hands-on adjustments. There is always a specially-made tea or an herbal elixir available.

All mats & yoga props provided at no extra cost. Have an experience, not just a yoga class.


Our studio is cozy and intimate. You will get the attention you need, so that you are safe in your practice.

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