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American Yogi trained in India, based in Short Beach, Branford, CT

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Ally was trained in an ashram in Rishikesh, India and is a certified E-RYT 200.

Everyone can do yoga as each pose can be modified to meet your body’s capabilities. Likewise, there is always a more challenging pose to accomplish. The learning never ends, we just have to be willing to start.

A habitual yoga practice can prevent illness, maintain health, and alleviate ailments. It affects not only the physical body, but the mind and soul as well. Yoga is different because of its holistic approach. Not only are we stretching and strengthening muscles, we are accessing the organs, fascia and more. Not only are we moving the body, we are training the mind and healing our spirit. What we practice on the mat translates into the rest of our daily lives.

Ally specializes in Hatha Flow, Yin, Mindful Meditation, and in teaching you how to connect to your body.

She is known for her soothing yoga voice, explicit + easy-to-follow instruction, calming flute music in the background, and head massages in Savasana.

Virtual Retreats

Allyson hosts week long virtual wellness retreats on Instagram.

All retreats are affordable and designed for those who have a family, cannot take time off of work, or other responsibilities. Self-development and self-care should be accessible to everyone regardless of financial status, which is why we made these retreats super affordable.

Each retreat contains. Yoga, Meditation, Journal Prompts, and specialized courses taught by Guest Teachers.

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Ally has natural intuitive and psychic abilities. She has been a tarot reader for 5+ years providing healing messages and guidance to the public.

There is no such thing as a “bad” reading or any reason to be afraid of the what the cards will say. All readings are positive and meant to invoke healing.

Most of what is shared is what you already know deep down. We all have natural intuitive abilities. The cards provide confirmation and remind you of your path.

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Upcoming Events

The Grande Opening of the Yoga Studio at Testo Farm premiers 8.1.21

(stay tuned for more details, but expect free yoga and prizes!)

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Private Yoga Consulations

Not accepting new clients until September 2021. Join Waitlist

Tarot Readings

Currently accepting new clients for 15 min + 30-60 min readings.

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